Born and raised on the east coast, Sparatik (Nichole Girard) has lived in major US cities including Manhattan, Boston, San Francisco, Orlando, and now Los Angeles. As a DJ of 20 years, she’s performed around the country as well as Tokyo and Istanbul and has had the opportunity to be immersed in house music in many different subcultures around the country. She has performed at late-night events, fashion/art shows, swank restaurants, and birthday parties for important people who have money to spend on a DJ. She has also produced a number of her own events around the country including undergrounds, monthly events and podcasts.

Sparatik graduated from Full Sail in 2000 with degrees for Digital Media and Recording Arts, and is also a student of Berklee Music (Boston, MA). She spent time teaching at Full Sail (Basic and Advanced MIDI, Web Design) and SAE-Los Angeles (Audio Technology Program), and continues to design and work on her own electronic music. She has experience in many musical genres in order to understand the depth and dynamics of different styles of music as it relates to the nuances of a DJ performance. Her main vibe is deep, driving, funky bumpin’ house, a kind that playfully speaks to your soul and offers a fun and different set style.


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